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If you have any questions at all….

Just drop me an email, or give me a call. Below is all the basic info, but if I haven’t answered any of your questions just get in touch 🙂


I am an Portrait Photographer specialising in Headshots based in South West London.


See Prices – I occasionally offer competitions and offers so be sure to check my Instagram Facebook and Twitter for Passwords.  Payment can be paid in cash on the day or via bank transfer before the day, to ensure there is no delay with you getting your hands on the images. Sorry I cannot take cheque or credit cards.


I will take a lot of images on the day, to protect your eyes from going SQUARE I will reduce this to an online gallery of around 200-400 for your PERUSAL.  The gallery remains online, password protected for six months so you can check back on them if you need to. This link and password can be shared so all you agents/teachers, friends and crazy aunts can have a MOOCH and give you there two pennies worth.


It’s good to be PREPARED for the day, despite me having the ability to use a MAGIC WAND on skin blemishes and stray hairs etc,  it’s a really good idea to look in a mirror and question girls, well boys too, ARE MY EYEBROWS OUT OF CONTROL? Do I have a MOUSTACHE? More importantly DO I WANT ONE?  A little SELF LOVE can make all the difference on the day and will definitely make you feel better too. As for drinking water and greens, I’ll leave the mothering to your mumma.

Colour / B&W

I shoot in COLOUR but also give you the images BLACK AND WHITE options. In short with every image choice you will receive a black and white version as standard. With the American influence, I know more and more agencies are using colour, however I’m big on brit tradition too, and I love a good Mono!!

Collaborative Creation

Its You, Me and the Camera, You can see as we are going, how you are looking and we will discuss every thing, from clothing to how ‘alrightish’ you look!!


I shoot using mainly natural light. I want my headshots to represent you truthfully, ‘Natural light’ does that and is the gorgeously flattering.  NATURAL IS BEST This applies to make up also, you can always add, its harder to remove!!

I am now offering the option for a little “studio time’ Email Me if you are interested.


I tend to find faces only work for a few hours before they simply say ‘ I don’t want to do this anymore’ . EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Sessions usually last between 1.5-3hours, depending on what package you book and how much tea we drink! Time slots depending on package are only guides – You get as long as it takes. I won’t stop until we have more than enough.


There is plenty of time for tea, biscuit and cigarette breaks. I am a FEEDER BY NATURE, so expect biscuits, croissants and fruit. I have been known to have fresh pancakes leftover (my fiancée’s fave)

My Best Advice

‘CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE’ – easier said than done, but it really is the secret. You gain work because of your Uniqueness as a human and because you are comfortable and confident in a casting, it’s the same with a picture. A camera captures everything, an image tells a story, and it knows if you’re trying to be ‘something’. Just celebrate who you are, celebrate the things you hate.

‘I got a Job’

Firstly YAYYYY! If you need to re-arrange is totally fine by me, I understand the nature of the business. All I ask is for as much notice as possible, so that some one else can have your slot or that I don’t make extra pancakes only for you not to arrive